In AUTUMN GETAWAY, Book One of the Seasons of Love series, Lydia connected with charming, sensitive Sam, and took a chance on someone new. In WINTER HOPES, Book Two of the series, Sam and Lydia explored the excitement of their blossoming romance. Even though their long distance relationship wasn’t easy, in each other they found renewed hope, overcoming past losses to learn to trust and love again. SPRING SHADOWS, Book Three of the series, brought Lydia and Sam one step closer to lasting happiness. But then romance and roses turned to tears as unexpected tragedy threatened to tear them apart. In SUMMER CHAMPAGNE, the fourth and final book of the Seasons of Love series, Lydia and Sam face their challenges shoulder to shoulder, but the deep commitment they’ve worked so hard to build brings the fear of equally serious loss. This story takes the genuine emotions you’ve come to expect from the Seasons of Love and presses them up against the harsh realities of life in a heartfelt tale of love, healing, and hope for the future that will have you toasting the lovely couple with your own glass of champagne.