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Jennifer Gracen Bookshelf 2.19.18

Jennifer Gracen

Jennifer Gracen writes contemporary romance and romantic women’s fiction. She likes to write about tangled mature relationships, with equal doses of humor, warmth, passion, and gravity. Read more about Jennifer Gracen here.


More Than You Know_MMMORE THAN YOU KNOW (THE HARRISONS series Book #1)

Hotel owner Dane Harrison, middle brother of a wealthy Long Island family, needs a lounge singer for his new luxury property. With her stunning voice and amazing curves, Julia Shay is perfect. She also seems to be the only woman in New York City who isn’t falling at Dane’s feet. And despite her feisty attitude and his rule against workplace affairs, he wants her—in his arms, in his bed, anywhere and everywhere.

Julia loves her new job, and she knows better than to think she can keep it and Dane. Even if he wasn’t her boss, Julia’s painful history has given her ample reason to steer clear of rich, powerful charmers. Still, their chemistry is unlike anything she’s known, and when it becomes too much to resist, they agree to one no-strings night together. But instead of quenching the fire, the intense encounter only proves how much they have to lose—or win…

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Gracen (Autumn Getaway), launching the Harrisons contemporary series, pairs an emotionally wounded singer with a wealthy hotelier. Julia Shay has been deeply hurt by powerful men in the past, so when Dane Harrison shows up at the Long Island bar where she’s performing and offers her a dream job singing at his posh new hotel, she’s sure it comes with unacceptable strings attached. Dane is attracted to more than the feisty redhead’s talent, but he’s determined not to get involved with an employee. Despite that vow, the pair’s crackling chemistry soon gets the best of them. Julia’s wary about giving another wealthy man the power to hurt her, but in denying her feelings for the charismatic Dane, she may just be punishing herself. After two unexpected visitors rock her world, Julia quickly learns who deserves the gift of her love—and who does not. Gracen’s characters easily charm the reader.

Someone Like You_MM


Pierce Harrison–yes, that Pierce Harrison, black sheep of the wealthy Harrison clan–has come home to his family’s luxurious Long Island compound. The big question is why the dangerously sexy soccer star agreed to coach a kids’ soccer team. His co-coach Abby McCord should be grateful. Instead she’s fending off some seriously smoldering advances from the scandal-ridden athlete. Good thing bad boys are so not her type . . .

Abby is definitely not lacking in passion, but the sweet-faced beauty needs to learn a thing or two about taking a team to the championship–and a whole lot about how to let a man into her once-broken heart. Pierce definitely knows how to make the moves, but will Abby trust that the bachelor the world has condemned as a scoundrel can settle down with the one woman who has taken hold of his heart?

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PWlogo“Gracen’s second Harrison contemporary (after More Than You Know) is an engaging romance between a disgraced soccer star and the hometown sweetheart he unexpectedly falls for. Pierce Harrison is the wild child in his wealthy family. Accused of sleeping with the wife of his soccer-team owner, he leaves the U.K. in disgrace and heads back to his Long Island hometown. Abby McCord is a grade school teacher, doting aunt, and owner of a thoroughly broken heart. At first, Abby is reluctant to give Pierce any sort of a chance. But once Pierce falls in love with her, he decides he’ll do anything to make himself into the man she wants him to be. Feisty Abby is a universal heroine, full of hope and doubts; Pierce is a deeply damaged soul whose father has taught him he’s not worth fighting for. A cast of strong supporting characters add charm. This installment will whet readers’ appetites for the next Harrison siblings romance, whether it’s the tale of Pierce’s vulnerable sister, Tess, or his straitlaced brother Charles.” – Publishers Weekly


“The wealthy but dysfunctional Harrison family returns in rising star Gracen’s second installment of her dynamic series. Families can be difficult and have a huge impact on the way relationships are perceived. Gracen’s newest protagonists have been burned badly and are relationship-shy for different reasons. Infusing the story with warmth and compassion ensures that readers are engaged and enchanted with this tale!” – RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

'Tis the Season ‘TIS THE SEASON (THE HARRISONS series Book #3)

As the eldest son of the illustrious Harrison clan, Charles Harrison the III has always done the right thing. With his family’s legacy to uphold, he can’t afford a scandal, even if temptation is living right under his roof. His well-publicized divorce was a disgrace, so Charles is sure an affair with his bewitching nanny would bring his family even more infamy. And yet, he can’t resist the alluring Lisette . . .

With her usually reserved boss sending her heated looks, Lisette Gardner is in a bind. The nurturing nanny has always loved the eldest Harrison from a distance. But coming from a vastly different world, with a painful past that still haunts her, Lisette is determined to resist Charles’s advances. Because Lisette can accept nothing less than forever with Charles . . . and forever might be too much to hope for with the reigning prince of the Harrison clan.

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PWlogoGracen’s third contemporary featuring the Harrison siblings (after Someone like You) is her best yet, the story of a straitlaced, high-profile businessman and the shy but charming nanny to his three kids. Unlike most of the Harrisons, eldest child Charles Harrison III has always toed the line, and after his well-publicized divorce, he’s not sure love is for him. Lisette Gardner, who’s overcoming her own painful history, has always been in love with her employer but is determined not to show it, thinking he couldn’t possibly reciprocate her feelings. At Charles’s surprise 40th birthday party, Charles realizes that his feelings for Lisette go far beyond the boundaries of employer/employee, and after a few post-party drinks, he makes a move. But their relationship may not survive the differences between their worlds, Charles’s snobby father, and Lisette’s insecurities. Gracen skillfully takes a common setup far past its usual limits to deliver a story that will tug hard at the heartstrings and make readers root for a happy ending. In particular, readers will fall in love with Lisette, whose anguish about aspects of her past rings all too real. – Publishers Weekly

“Charles Harrison III knows he works too much, that he doesn’t spend enough time with his kids, and he fears that he’s turning into his cold, distant father. Lisette Gardner is wary, her past and personal life kept behind an impenetrable curtain of loneliness and responsibility. Their relationship is simple: she’s employed as his live-in nanny and doesn’t believe such a powerful man could ever fall for a girl like her. Then, one night, they give in to their secret passion. Assuming the worst, Lisette prepares to lose her job, but Charles insists that they take a shot at a real relationship. As their romance heats up, it quickly becomes apparent that transitioning from employer/employee to something more isn’t easy. With gossip and disapproval from Charles’s social circles and the emotional stress of change and insecurity, they’ll have to fight hard for their love.
Verdict: Including several steamy scenes, this next series installment from Gracen (after More Than You Know and Someone Like You) is an appealing and passionate love story framed around themes of class conflict and family. Recommended for romance fans who believe love has no boundaries.”- J. Harris, New Hampshire — Library Journal

“In the newest emotional and compelling romance from rising star Gracen, the oldest Harrison sibling gets his shot at love. Over the course of this series, Gracen has explored the dysfunctional family dynamics that have kept a distance between the siblings and their dictatorial father. The protagonists in this story have known each other for a couple of years, but a night of forbidden passion changes everything. Gracen’s skill and storytelling ability grows with each new tale.”- RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

HAPPHappily Ever AfterILY EVER AFTER (The Harrisons Series #3.5) 

The wildest of the elite Harrison men is about to tie the knot—if the family drama doesn’t tie him in knots first . . .

The prodigal son of the wealthy Harrison family, Pierce Harrison’s wedding to lovely schoolteacher Abby McCord promises to be extraordinary—from the lavish Hamptons resort where the family gathers in anticipation, to the breathtaking ocean views where the couple will say their long-awaited vows. Conspicuously absent are the groom’s estranged parents—who nonetheless seem poised to do their best to destroy Pierce and Abby’s big day . . .

Pierce’s siblings, Tess, Charles, and Dane have pulled together to protect their beloved brother from their meddling parents. But it seems Pierce’s wounds run deep—so deep he begins to wonder if the powerful love he feels for his bride is enough. Or if it’s even possible for someone like him to have—and keep—the kind of happiness that’s meant to last a lifetime. Will he realize that he’s the only one standing in his way before it’s too late? . . .

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“Gracen gets better with every book, and with her fourth Harrison siblings contemporary (after Happily Ever After), she hits the emotional jackpot with a multilayered tale of a rich yet down-to-earth woman and an intelligent, caring man who can’t forgive himself for past mistakes. At a joyful Harrison Christmas celebration, Tess Harrison feels alone—her brothers are all married and have children, and she’s still single. She decides to have a baby on her own, heading to the family’s house in Aspen, Colo., to dodge unwanted questions. Meanwhile, after a disastrous divorce in New Orleans, Logan Carter goes home to Aspen, planning to take care of his dying mother and work as a house caretaker—one whose duties involve the Harrison house. Logan is honorable and generous, and he still blames himself for not saving more people during Hurricane Katrina. He’s got combustible chemistry with Tess but refuses to let himself fall for her. When Tess asks him to be her sperm donor, Logan is floored, and it changes their relationship forever. Gracen’s lyrical prose, combined with heartbreakingly perfect characterization and a stellar cast of supporting players, makes this one a keeper.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

Between You and Me

BETWEEN YOU AND ME (The Harrisons Series #4) 

As the only daughter of the wealthy Harrison clan, Tess Harrison has everything—except the baby she longs for. With no husband in sight, she escapes to her family’s retreat in Aspen, Colorado, visions of sperm donors dancing in her head. Instead, she finds Logan Carter. When the ruggedly handsome manager of the Harrison ski house offers to be her baby daddy in exchange for her playing his girlfriend, Tess is breathless to begin the charade. After all, the brokenhearted heiress knows better than to fall in love . . .

She would be Logan’s dream girl, if his dark past had left him with any dreams. Now the brooding bachelor’s only hope is to satisfy his mother’s dying wish to see him happily paired off—and give lovely Tess the baby she longs for.  But when he and Tess opt to make a baby the old-fashioned way, he’s fighting hard against the longing to hold on to the elusive Harrison beauty forever . . .

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“Gracen is once again exploring the dysfunctional relationships that plague the Harrison family. Tess Harrison has been thrilled to see that her brothers have found the loves of their lives, but sadly she, the only daughter, remains alone. One interesting element of this book is that Tess is really the only person in the family who has remained on reasonably good terms with their arrogant and dictatorial father. That has meant she has been the peacemaker and go-between for the family. Tess deciding to take time away for herself upsets and worries the rest of them. Gracen is definitely a star on the rise who consistently proves she has a talent for writing memorable contemporary romance!”  — RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars



It Might Be You ( The Harrisons Series #5) 

When Officer Nick Martell learns that a sick child needs his help, he flies to the young Harrison boy’s side. But once in the heart of the wealthy Harrison family, Nick faces a shocking truth—he is none other than a Harrison son himself, born of a secret affair. Though the blue-collar bachelor struggles to accept the elite clan as his own, compassion for the vulnerable boy compels him to stay. That, and the deep spark of connection he feels for the child’s beautiful nurse . . .

Amanda Kozlov never felt such a strong and sudden passion for a man before. But falling for Nick is not an option—the life the rugged cop leads is too dangerous, the wounds he carries from his explosive family history too fresh. Yet watching Nick bond with the young boy in her care, experiencing tenderness in his arms, Amanda longs to take a chance on the one man who could save the Harrison heir—the only man with the power to shatter her heart. And as drama swirls around them, only time will tell if they’re brave enough to give their love the future it deserves . . .

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“Gracen wraps up her Harrisons contemporary series with this heart-stealing fifth novel (after Between You and Me), cementing her reputation as a writer to watch. When honorable Florida cop Nick Martell gets a call saying his bone marrow is a match for a child with cancer, he doesn’t hesitate to donate. But when he tells his parents who that child is, they drop a bombshell on him: he’s a match for young, eminently brave Myles because biologically he’s the boy’s uncle. Nick was the product of a brief affair between Nick’s mother, Maria, and ruthless billionaire Charles Harrison II, the patriarch of a big-money family (and a thoroughly loathsome character). As Nick struggles with his new reality, he sees a bright spot in the tumble of new Harrison relatives and realities: Amanda Kozlov, Myles’s beautiful private-duty nurse. After Amanda witnessed a police widow’s breakdown in the ER, she made one ironclad dating rule for herself: no first responders. But as she observes Nick’s tenderness with Myles, Amanda can’t help breaking that rule. Gracen’s appealing tale makes it nearly impossible to say goodbye to a complicated family whom readers have come to love. To soften the blow, Gracen includes a bonus novella in this volume. Her hot yet sweet treat is headed for many a keeper shelf.”Publishers Weekly  STARRED REVIEW

“Over the course of her series on the wealthy, powerful and truly dysfunctional Harrison family, Gracen has proven that she is a star on the rise! With this final chapter in the saga, Gracen reaches new heights by bringing in a secret-baby storyline that detonates like a bomb within the family. All the previous protagonists make appearances, some of whom do not react well initially. This terrific series has been about individuals finding love, but also about the building of strong family bonds where none existed before. This is one fantastic, emotional ride!”– RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars, Top Pick

“The Harrison family saga, including Between You and Me (2017), comes to a close in Gracen’s fantastic finale. Nick Martell has a great family and a burgeoning career in the Miami Police Department. He’s eager to help a young boy in dire need of a bone-marrow transplant, but when he tells his mom Myles is part of the Harrison family, she faints. Nick then discovers that his biological dad, who was previously thought to be some nobody, is none other than the Harrison patriarch. Struggling to understand his new family of half siblings, all of whom are insanely wealthy, he finds respite with Amanda, the nurse tending to Myles. Their connection is electric, but they keep things casual, given all the drama surrounding both of their lives. But how low-key can they remain when they’re truly falling in love? Gracen closes out the Harrison series with a bang. Readers will want to read the entire series, but those who start with this one won’t be lost since Nick’s experiences with the Harrisons subtly usher readers into their world.” ~Booklist

“This sweet story of two people bonding over a sick child will melt the most jaded of hearts.”Kirkus Reviews


ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS (The McKinnon Brothers Book #1)

Cassandra Baines almost has it all: a flourishing career as one of the youngest English Lit assistant professors at NYU, an apartment in a city she adores, and a close circle of lifelong girlfriends that are like sisters. The only thing she doesn’t have is someone special to share it with. She’s been married to her work since Sean McKinnon broke her heart seven years ago.

Musician and bar owner Sean McKinnon keeps busy – too busy for a love life. He blew it with Cassie all those years ago, and no one has held a candle to her since.

But then one fateful night, of all the people in New York City, Cassandra walks into his bar, and he’s drawn to her as strongly as ever. She wants nothing to do with him, but he’s not going to give up so easily.

Can a bit of New York Christmas magic help two people take a second chance on true love?

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THE DOCTOR'S LOVE coverTHE DOCTOR’S LOVE  (The McKinnon Brothers Book #2)

Toni Westmore doesn’t do relationships. She has a demanding boss at her high end Soho art gallery job and an even more difficult and critical mother – who needs the mess of a relationship?

Enter Irish Doctor Gavin McKinnon, her friend’s brother, also known as the perfect summer fling: tall, muscled, smart, funny, definitely ready for a good time and stamped with an expiration date. He’ll go back to Ireland and his family medical practice in a few weeks and she’ll return to her real world and plan her next career move.

Gavin’s in town not only to visit his sister, but to try and heal his broken heart. He gets a little help when Toni, his sister’s friend and roommate, enters the picture. Inexplicably drawn to her, Gavin tries to remind himself to look but not touch, but Toni is hard to resist… and when she offers him a no strings fling, how could he say no?

But as Gavin’s departure date looms, Toni realizes that her sexy summer fling is anything but. And she was sure she could kiss Gavin goodbye with no regrets…

Will she attempt to break their no strings rule? Or will Gavin leave Long Island without looking back?

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Single mom Maura Callahan never anticipated that at age 29 she’d be living with her mom in the suburbs, raising her young daughter, Chloe, and working a job that pays the bills but not much else. Her daughter is worth the struggle– and she still has her best friend Aidan, who makes her laugh, keeps her on her toes, and provides the oh-so-toned shoulder to cry on when necessary.

Aidan McKinnon, exec at a high profile social media company in the heart of Dublin, has longed to change his bestie status with Maura for years, but it seems Maura’s relegated him permanently to the friend zone. Still, she and Chloe are his world. But when Chloe’s father shows up out of the blue and demands shared custody when he’s never once met the little girl, Aidan sees a way to finally have what he secretly wants most while ensuring Maura and Chloe’s safety… and the diamond ring is just the beginning.

Will Aidan’s fiercely protective, knight in shining armor proposal of convenience end up starting the love of a lifetime?

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Love in Dublin (The McKinnon Brothers Book #4)

Single father Colin McKinnon has roots and obligations that have kept him firmly in Dublin his entire life. He once planned to explore the world, but he was bound by duty and gave up on his dreams long ago. When he meets free-spirited American travel writer Maggie in a pub, he’s intrigued. She could help him get a taste of what he lost, rattle the chains of his self-imposed isolation. Instantly drawn to her light, beauty, and sense of adventure, Colin can’t stay away.

Maggie Spencer doesn’t just crave the open road, she needs it to survive. After a harrowing accident and life-changing loss, she rebuilt her life by exploring new places on her own. When she accepts a temporary job writing about day tours in Ireland, she falls in love with Dublin and the man she teaches to explore it. Through their daily adventures, they learn opposites do more than just attract—they can also help each other heal.

But can a man with deep roots keep a woman with wings by his side?

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A DOSE OF GELT, is in the BURNING BRIGHT: Four Chanukah Love Stories anthology. Other authors are Megan Hart, Stacey Agdern, and KK Hendin, with a Foreword by Sarah Wendell. New Release by Avon Impulse.

Lawyers in love, Shari Cohen and Evan Sonntag are happy together. But in a moment of doubt, he pushes her away-then soon realizes he made a huge mistake. To win her back, it might take something like a Chanukah miracle.

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AG Cover

Her SEASONS OF LOVE Series (contemporary romance/romantic women’s fiction) is published by Booktrope Editions.

There are four books: AUTUMN GETAWAY (Book 1), WINTER HOPES (Book 2), SPRING SHADOWS (Book 3), and SUMMER CHAMPAGNE (Book 4).


Her short story, KILLING THE FANTASY, was one of 39 short stories picked for a charity anthology, ORANGE KAREN: TRIBUTE TO A WARRIOR. She also wrote the Foreword and did all copy editing for the book. It was published in April 2013 and can be found on Amazon.


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