Lydia wasn’t looking for love. Having just finalized a difficult divorce, she attended her best friend’s destination wedding with a simple plan: to reconnect with old friends and take a much needed break from the stresses of single parenthood. But life had more in store for her. In AUTUMN GETAWAY, Book One of the Seasons of Love series, Lydia connected with charming, sensitive Sam over that weekend, and took a chance on someone new. Then, in WINTER HOPES, Sam and Lydia explored the excitement of blossoming romance. Even though their long distance relationship wasn’t easy, in each other they found renewed hope, both overcoming past losses to learn to trust and love again. Now, in SPRING SHADOWS, Book Three of the series, Lydia and Sam move a few steps closer to lasting happiness. But it isn’t all romance and roses. The realities of a long distance relationship held between Chicago and New York start to take a toll. Add in the complications posed by Sam’s overprotective brother, Lydia’s difficult ex-husband, and an unexpected tragedy, and it all threatens to tear them apart before they’ve even begun to truly be together. Lydia and Sam must face their pasts and come to terms with old fears and insecurities. To focus on the things that really matter: true love, forgiveness, compassion, and fearless commitment—another leap of faith. That true, lasting love is possible when nurtured by healing and hope.